Ice cream inspired by a breakup

Our Story

In 2015 our founder, Jason Apolinario, was going through a difficult but amicable breakup with his girlfriend of three years. The weekend that she was moving out, she texted him that she would probably cry into a bucket of ice cream for a month. He texted back “Salty Caramel Tears?", and from that, a company was born! A brand of artisanal ice cream based on feelings and expressions.

Hand-crafted Flavors for Your Feelings

Check out our menu of flavors, including Salty Caramel Tears™, Wake me up before you Coco™, and We’re Mint to Be®. 

We use high-quality, sustainable ingredients, such as organic cream and eggs, organic cane sugar, and handcrafted mix-ins.


Pop-ups and Catering


Let us cater your next event!

We offer a full-service dessert bar for your wedding, company celebration or any event, including:

  • Artisanal ice cream bar

  • Sweet Dreams sundae bar (with our family-secret shortbread Dream Bar™)

  • Ice cream sandwiches

Contact us to inquire about booking an event.

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