Flavors for your feelings

Eat Your Feelings Ice Cream is a premium, organic ice cream brand, offering flavors based on feelings. Our core flavors include Salty Caramel Tears and Cookie Dough'nt Ever Call Me. We use organic milk and cream, cage-free eggs, organic cane sugar, and homemade mix-ins that align with our commitment to using high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

Eat Your Feelings is a pop-up and catering company that be a standalone feature or can pair with your special event, dinner, wedding, or whenever a sweet treat is desired.


Menu of Flavors

Salty Caramel Tears: Sweet cream ice cream with ribbons of salted caramel

Cookie Dough'nt Ever Call Me: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough

Wake me up Before you Coco: Coffee ice cream with organic cacao nibs

We're Mint To Be: Garden fresh mint ice cream and dark chocolate chips

Olive You Forever: Olive oil and sage honey ice cream

S’more than a Crush: Salted peanut butter ice cream and s’mores pieces

Down to the Last Straw-berry: Fresh strawberry ice cream

Some Cheese with that Whine, Honey?: Goat cheese and honey ice cream with walnuts

Friend Zone: Vanilla ice cream

...and more!